The publicity that Apple might not want

Recently the over a thousand naked photos of Hong Kong celebrities including Edison Chen (who takes a role the in new Batman movie), Gillian Chung (of Twins), Bobo Chan, Cecilia Cheung and etc gives a big TV advertisement to Apple Inc during all the prime time news.

During the Hong Kong Police raid that Mac shop, a few MacBook Pro were taken away by the police and there the big white Apple logo flashing on everyone’s TV screen and newspapers too.

Apple has only aired 1 or 2 TV advertisements in Hong Kong over the past 2 decades. This time is the third time and it’s free of charge. Charges on the young man of the Mac shop though.

Edison Chen who owns a pink MacBook or MacBook Pro, took his Mac for repair at a local store. One of the service guys found over a thousand naked photos of Edison Chen himself with quite a few different girls having fun in bed from his Mac’s HD. Naked of course. And so this is how the naked photos get to the internet said by the Hong Kong Police.

FYI, that Mac shop is none of the shops listed on Apple’s reseller page. So you can feel a little bit more secure when your Mac needs services from authorized Mac shops.