OS X 10.9 certificate issue persists

Just recently I noticed I can’t load GitHub on Safari and turns out it’s the SSL certificate causing the issue. However it doesn’t seem like it’s GitHub’s fault but rather it’s OS X’s new policy (introduced at 10.9.2?) Firefox is just working fine btw.

It’s supposed to be fixed already as I’m using 10.9.4 now.

To get around this, people suggested to delete the DigiCert High Assurance CA-3 and alike. That doesn’t work for me.

Once you load github.com, this very item will be regenerated in Keychain Access.

A temporary solution is to set the SSL to be “Always Trusted” to bypass this annoying issue. But that’ll make your Mac vulnerable to sites pretending to use certificates from this authority. Joy!

This seem to be a nasty OS X bug since I found others are having the exact issue persisting through 10.9.4

A very drastic solution is “Reset My Default Keychain” via Keychain Access’s Preferences > General.

Keychain Access Reset My Default Keychain

Happy Lunar New Year in the Year of Dragon

Happy Lunar New Year in the Year of Dragon

Wish everyone had a peaceful & nice break during Lunar New Year, good health and good fortune!


This is the first year with my own new family member, my little gal. She’s enjoying the holiday spirit very much even under the chilling temperature.

The year of dragon is set for baby boom everywhere particular in Hong Kong with people coming across the border everyday legally and illegally. Hope things could turn out alright for the locals (@_@)

Steve Jobs inspired the world

Steve Jobs inspired the world

The first news in the morning is Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56. That’s sadden my whole day.

I’ve been fascinated by the colorful Apple logo since I was very very young. Back then computer means either IBM or Apple, but Apple computer is what I ever wanted. It’s different. It’s stylish & fun. Well at least that what I perceived when I was 7, looking at the colorful logo comparing to IBM’s. However, getting a computer was way expensive than most families can afford in 80’s.

My first computer lesson was with the Apple ][e doing some basic programming. I was 11. It was fun to know that one can create something with BASIC. That was so interesting. Since then I was hooked on computers, and Apple. That moment, I wanna do programming when I grow up.

Fast forward to 90’s. I finally had my real computer, a Mac Iici. It was an amazing computer. It can do things that you can’t imagine with an IBM clone!

Typing stuff with Microsoft Word, drawing stuff with Adobe Illustrator for my father, and playing with Hypercard, the former life of the web, on System 6. Controlling everything with a mouse was so cool! Everything is so different than the so-called “main stream” and that’s how I like it. I just love Macintosh & Steve Jobs.

There are plenty moments that I was blown away by Apple & Steve Jobs, and Pixar all these years. The Mac, OS X, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and etc.

And I felt particularly connected with the Think Different campaign.

Watch the video: The crazy ones

Attending the MacWorld Expo Tokyo in 2001 gave me the closet encounter with him. However, this is the one & only encounter that I can ever have now.

He’s been my hero since I ever know about computers, a true innovator, and the god of demonstrations. He’s part of the reason for what I’ve become, a web and iOS developer now.

RIP Steve Jobs. You’ll be missed forever as the world has missed its compass of innovations.