OS X 10.9 certificate issue persists

Just recently I noticed I can’t load GitHub on Safari and turns out it’s the SSL certificate causing the issue. However it doesn’t seem like it’s GitHub’s fault but rather it’s OS X’s new policy (introduced at 10.9.2?) Firefox is just working fine btw.

It’s supposed to be fixed already as I’m using 10.9.4 now.

To get around this, people suggested to delete the DigiCert High Assurance CA-3 and alike. That doesn’t work for me.

Once you load github.com, this very item will be regenerated in Keychain Access.

A temporary solution is to set the SSL to be “Always Trusted” to bypass this annoying issue. But that’ll make your Mac vulnerable to sites pretending to use certificates from this authority. Joy!

This seem to be a nasty OS X bug since I found others are having the exact issue persisting through 10.9.4

A very drastic solution is “Reset My Default Keychain” via Keychain Access’s Preferences > General.

Keychain Access Reset My Default Keychain